Monday, July 25, 2016

Is it becoming too hard to fail? Schools are shifting toward no-zero grading policies

This informative piece highlights a hotly contested topic in education with grace, tact, and balance. Articles like this promote healthy debate that can lead to the change we need in our schools and surrounding communities. For more information, proceed here.

Motivating the Unmotivated

The classroom beckons many questions, not the least of which is, how do we motivate the unmotivated? With so many kids who fail to understand the true value of education, it can be wearisome trying to motivate them to do school work. Yet, these same children must be set up for success. How do we do it? Here are my thoughts.

What Inspires Us?

Recently, I authored a blog post exploring the question, "What inspires us?" Is it a single moment of epiphany, or a maturation process molded by proper parenting and mentor figures? Although the question of nature vs nurture is one which will likely be around for a while, I chose to find out the answer by looking at these entrepreneurs' stories. Check it out!